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 The Best Hair Extensions at Cozi Cottage  Hair Salon in Copperas Cove Tx

  Hair Extensions Salon  services  at  Cozi Cottage Salon and  Spa  in Copperas Cove 

 A Cozi Rule  of Looking  Good 

      Be Good To Your Hair

 Our  Stylists   are  loyal to you and Care  about your Hair health and  Your well being .

  Our  Hair Extensions services have been honored with  “Cozi  clients choice    

  One of our Best  best place to get hair extensions near  You .  Cozi Cottage  Salon and spa  is where you can  get hair extensions put in professionally.

Our Cozi Extensions Stylists have been experts in hair extensions tape ins, bonded, weft clip in,fusion ,micro rings, weave, glued, handmade tape-ins hair extensions and More.

 Here At Cozi  Cottage  Salon  in Copperas Cove TX .We fix  unprofessional ,unconditioned, synthetic hair  Extensions services ,   We  Provide you with  best  hair Extension  Service ,  If you were  one  whom has been hoodwinked , I apologize  for your  mental despair , we  will fix your  hair   <We Only  use a 100%  Real Hair  , that is a Cozi Cottage  Promise . 

How long do Hair Extensions Last ?

Our micro weft and beaded weave weft extensions are fixed without glue, braiding or heat and no damage to your hair. This will give you longer silky ,thicker, fuller hair. Theses wefts sit flat on the head and, with good care and maintenance, can last up to three months.

  100% human Hair extensions are the gorgeous, thick, full hair natural shine and tangle-free,which are double drawn, Remy hair .

Our Cozi Stylists will guide you through hair extension packages to suit your hair needs, and the look you have always wanted and the look you want to create.

We  offers wide selection of  Hair  treatments  and up scaled  salon and spa therapy,

Our Cozi   stylist  help you choose  the best fit  for you life style,  customize your   hair  Extension  packages.   giving  you professional services dedicated to your every pampering need. 

How long do Tape-In hair extensions last? 

Most Salons will say On average every six to eight,  We Know Here at Cozi Cottage  Salon and Spa in Copperas Cove TX  taking good care of the hair,  The 100%  human Hair  will last for years to come ,  the tape-ins last  forever if you take care of them . Al thought  you will have maintenance appointments  every 10 - 12 weeks, Because of the hair growth, glue-ins last five  to nine weeks depends on your hair growth speed , and  keratin protein-bonded extensions last eight  to twelve weeks also depends on how well you take care of your hair and scalp ,and  medicines  you are on  to learn more  give us a call 254-245-5800

Hair Extension service in Copperas Cove

  • We Offer  the following hair Extensions

  • Tape= ins

  • keratin bonded

  •  micro beaded

  • Clip -Ins

  • weave

  • Sew-Ins

  • We Offer  the following hair Extensions

  • Eye Lash strips

  • Custom Made

  • Eye Lash Extensions

  • Eye Brow Extensions  

  • unicorn Hair Extensions

  • Galaxy Colored Hair Extension

Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions .jpg

  Get  Cozi  Taped In Hair  Extensions information on hair  Extensions 

Cozi Tape -In Hair Extensions

Are you looking for the tape-in hair extensions?

Cozi Cottage is pleased to provide tape-in extensions service .Theses extensions are long lasting and can be applied Pretty Quick Give Us a bit of your time , You can walk out of Cozi Cottage hair Salon with a New look and Longer , shinning, glamorous hair . Are you looking to add length, body, color or fix thin hair, tape-in extensions are a great for you . We  are looking forward to meeting you helping you achieve your perfect look.

 How are  tape-in extensions Applied ,  This  Cozi service is achieved  by putting together (2 )small sections of hair. Then adhesive tape is applied to top of the weft of hair,one  extension piece is placed underneath the small section of your hair . Another extension is applied on top by adhering them on both sides creating a sandwich affect protecting your natural hair in the center. These extensions sit flat to give a seamless, natural look , or dramatic look as you choose your hair colors .

Can you Reuse Tape In Hair Extensions ?YES,

If you take care of your Hair extensions can last 12 months to years. You will need to have maintenance  Hair repair  treatments appointments every 10 to 12 weeks to twelve weeks depends on condition of your Hair .

Our Cozi Cottage extensions specialists can reapply the tape-in extensions and ensure your re boned last.

You Have Thinning hair ?

So You Have Thin hair ?This is stressful and difficult experience.

Let Us take away your Stress and Help you  with  great Tape-in hair extensions provide a wonderful solution for thinning hair , Lets us thicken your hair , and you can Wow Everyone with your new fabulous beautiful new  look ....

Check out your Options for Tape In Extensions. 

  Get the  information on hair  Extensions 

 Mini Strands  hair extensions are a great if you are looking to add some pop to your  hair. These are invisible in your hair.

 We suggest new strands every eight to twelve  weeks depending on the condition of your hair ,to maintain your beautiful desired look.

 Pop Pastel or Bold  Color  Extensions  Are you looking for some fun to add to your hair? Want to keep your natural hair color?

Pastel hair Extensions are made with human hair and temperature-safe synthetic fibers.


Ombré tape-in hair extensions is a great  for adding some real  Hair color  with out the time of Coloring your  hair .

Are you looking to add length, body, color or fix thin hair, tape-in extensions are a great option. tape-in extensions Cozi Cottage salon is looking forward to meeting you helping you achieve your perfect look.

 Contact specialist to learn how tape-in extensions can benefit you.

Watch the above Cozi video on an Tape in hair Extension transformation before and after

schedule a free consultation with our extensions specialist to learn how tape-in extensions can benefit you.


 Hot Fusion Keratin Beads Hair Extensions 

 The Most permanent extension  install, 105 to 200 pieces of human hair stands are added to your hair , Hair placed with a keratin bond polymer then Applied 2 cm from the roots .these hair extensions can Last anywhere up to six month to two years taking a few hours to apply. You can wear your hair in an up do, ponytail, up or down pretty much any way you like. This adds length and volume and extra bounce . Its Best for a professional to remove the hair extensions without damaging your hair. This is an added expense to the initial hair extension application.cost $800+

Micro Rings  strand by strand hair extensions.

One  strand by  One strand hair extensions. Micro Rings hair extensions creates a similar result to Keratin Beads hair extensions applied by looping a small copper ring into your hair and inserting the extensions hair comes with a keratin tip on the end of it.opening is pressed with an applicator tool.Creates very natural hair that can be worn up and down.Last up to 6-8 weeks Keratin Bonds Removal is best to be in a salon Micro Rings hair extensions are know to be a bit thicker and heavier not good for thin fine haired $525+

 Weave weft  hair extension applied by securing  with the Micro Rings(4-2mm) to your own hair. Weft hair extensions with Micro Rings method is less bulky and lies flatter to the head than the traditional sew in weave with braids.Faster application and takeout process Gentle on hair Individual Strands Last 4 weeks until become unmanageable Removal with professional recommended Good to apply for a special extensions reusable provide you with more styling options and more natural looking and feeling extensions wear. $225+

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