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 Get Cozi  Silk Press Hair  web page coming soon 


 Get Cozi  Silk Press Hair 

 Get Cozi  Silk Press Hair 


Natural Hair  Up Do

We offer  Includes cozy moisturizing shampoo scalp treatment massage, and conditioning, blowout. Finger waves, braids, curls.*Please tell us if you have hair extensions, long hair or highly textured hair. Prices and times may vary. Braiding price varies by how many and thickness of hair.a free Color Consultation  $75+ ​

Natural Hair Silk Press

​ A silk press is a new age press and curl that gives natural hair the look like it has been relaxed. It allows the natural hair to be very straight, shiny, smooth, soft, and sleek. Includes relaxing cozy conditioning shampoo, scalp treatment massage, blowout, and flat ironed straight using small sections for long-lasting smooth results.*Please tell us if you have hair colored, bleached and or extensions, length of hair or highly textured hair. Prices and times may $95+

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