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Valentine's Day Spa Packages

Couple in Love

    Get Cozi    you Spa Packages
We Can Pamper you from head to toe"    
 Best  Spa packages for Men and Woman near you

 Spend A  Day At  Cozi Cottage Spa

 Enjoy  A Day Of Spa Pampering
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Our team of professionally trained pampering  therapists are experts in 

Getting  you  Feeling  Relaxed  and  Renewed ,  Rejoice your  body 

Cozi Cottage Terms & Conditions

  When Making  Day  Of  Beauty Appointment   deposit

 50 %  towards  your day of beauty Pamper Package is  Required.   

   You Can give us  A  Call  254-245-5800  and  you can  send  your  deposit or  Pay threw  Gpay 

or  buy a gift certificate or   have your  payments  ready  for your service .


Note :  all  Appointments have to cancelled

  7 days prior to your appointment or  you will be  charged  the full amount  non-refundable 

So There Fore  We Can  Add This Special Time to Someone  Else That wants to be pampered ....

There is More To Choose From on  this website

  please browse around and fine the best package that suits you and  your Needs .We Thank you for your under standing .

Cozi Cottage  Salon &  Spa .


We also offer a range of beautifying facials, luxury body treatments to relax and rejuvenate even the most tired and achy bodies.


sweet heart  Spa Package

To my  sweet-hearts spa packages

Sending  My  Love  To

the  Spa day

Enjoy  A   Full Wonderful  Relaxing Day At the Spa 1.5 hr Massage ,1hr Facial, 1.5hrs Head to toe Silk Body Wrap , Heavenly Silk Hand wrap & heavenly Foot Wrap Lunch And  A Gift  for $610  5 hrs

King Or Queen For a Day or Both

Enjoy  A Wonderful  Relaxing Day At the Spa with  an Massage , Spa Silk  Facial , Spa Silk Hand & Foot  Wrap , Lunch And  A Gift  for $4.5 hrs couples $550

Sweet heart pampering  

For a Day

Enjoy  A Wonderful  Relaxing Day At the Spa Massage ,Spa Facial, Spa Heavenly Hand wrap & Hot oil foot massage  , snack  And  A Gift  for $250 

3 hrs

Mi~So~Me  ~LOVE

Spa Day

Enjoy  A Wonderful  Relaxing Day At the Spa with a wonderful Massage , Facial, Spa  Manicure wrap & Hydra  Foot Wrap ,  Get Cozi today or give a Cozi gift $225 $2.hrs

To My sweet heart  Spa Beauty Day

Love Spa  Day

#  Enjoy  A spa Facial,   Heavenly silk Hand wrap  &  Hydra foot  Wrap , Get Cozi Today or  Give A gift  Of  Cozi $145 $1.5hrs

Mi~So~Me ~ Me

Spa Day Enjoy  A Wonderful  Relaxing Day Facial &  silk Arm & Foot Massage   Get Cozi today or give a Cozi gift $135  70mins

Sweets For Teens

13-19}  Enjoy  Facial , spa  hand  wrap Manicure & Spa Pedi-wrap snack & gift $125

Candy hearts

Pampering Me Too

candy hearts Pampering Me Too kids 5-12} mini Facial , spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure snack & gift $85

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