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Hair Color Services at Cozi Cottage  Hair Salon in Copperas Cove Tx 

Get Cozi Hair Color Therapy 

A Cozi Rule  of Looking  Good 


  Hair Color   Salon  Near  me   at  Cozi Cottage Salon and Spa in Copperas Cove Tx

Hair Color Palette

  Get Cozi  Hair Color-Highlights 

Here At our  Cozi Cottage hair colour specialist  we can create a range of beautiful hair colors for men and women including natural shades, Galaxy colors and the popular balayage and ombré & Sombre looks.

What Is Balayage/Ombré -Sombre  Hair Coloring  Service ?

Balayage is a French word which means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep.’
Is  a Free form   Painting  Hair Color   Great For all ,  This is a free-hand technique which allows our hair color experts  here  At  Cozi Cottage   Hair Salon  in Copperas Cove  create a hair color by placing color exactly where you want it and putting as many hair colors  you would like .

Salon for Hair Color near me 

Did you know balayage hair color  can be applied  on short, medium or long length hair, while ombré works best on medium length and long  and extra long hair.  Our hair  Cozi Hair colorist    can help you find the right balayage look or ombré  or Sombré  hair color for you,  So If its  a blonde or strawberry  balayage,   Auburn  Copper balayage or the  smokey gray to black  or silver Fox ombré hair color  we have you covered 

Highlights & Low-lights  & Baby lights hair Colors light & dark Shades can be added to your hair to give it dimension .


which  the general rule is several shade above or below your Natural Hair  Color  . Give your  hair  more  interest and dimension adding  depth of color.Highlights are  lighter than your natural hair color and can be as fine or bold as you wish.  Low-lights tend to be bit darker or make your hair  richer in color  or adding a  glaze hue  to add pop to your  natural hair. Using  foil highlights or a freehand technique we will follow the shape of your hair cut to enhance your hairstyle and your glamorize  your look  .

Cozi Cottage  Best  Hair  Coloring Salon  near me  Classic all over  Hair Coloring  roots to ends

We offer all the classic hair shades as well as the latest colors at our hair Salon  in Copperas Cove   Are you Ready  to cover your roots ?   Are you wanting all-over hair color?  you want highlights or low-lights, we can help create the perfect hair color just  for you.  We can achieve a variety of  All different shades using both semi and permanent hair colors .You decide how long you want your hair color to last .

We Know  the Best Ways to Cover Grey Hair

Are  You looking for  the best  hair stylist and Hair colorist   in  Copperas Cove ?Whom will seamlessly blend  grey hairs away  or  blend  your  gray in  to act as silver highlights ,  Our expert colorists at  Cozi Cottage Hair Salon in Copperas cove TX Can help you in achieving your look .  Our color experts have years of experience to deliver a precision color application .  We  will ensure  Your color  end up with fantastic results.

We also offer hair color correction services in our  Cozi Cottage salon and will be happy to guide you on what course of action is needed to fix your hair color problem.

Our Pampering   Hair Stylists, Experienced  Hair Colorist Will Provide You  With  Healthy  Hair Promise  with the  use  of  Best quality Professional  Hair Care  Products   and Treatments  that will leave your hair  feeling  good as it  looks  Glamorously  sexy...........

To book an Cozi  appointment with the hair color experts call our friendly & professional team at 254-245-5800  or  book here 

 Money Piece -Are you interested Money Piece highlights ? Face frame of blonde  Or a Color  of your Choice around the face.
  Best way to freshen up your  Hair Color  Here at Cozi Cottage Salon and spa  Book Appointment today  
with  Our hair color specialist, Get Your Money piece Highlights or Color lights. Add chunky or thin strips
of  brightness to the front section of hair that falls around face, up to 10 foils.
A great way to  Brighten your Hair  adds a Glow to our Look  lift your complexion and  Look Glamorously  sexy !

 Corrective Color  or  Double  Process hair color

 Strawberry blonde Hair Coloring  Copperas Cove, Kempner Tx

Hair  Color Correction  Every One  wants to be  a  master colorist ,unfortunately  it takes years to  achieve  this skill ... home color job gone  wrong .?  or  Not the look you thought it would be .... lets change  your hair color ,  we fix  bozo red  hair  and many other oops...Colors . we offer A Free Color Consultation  . POA  Read More

Hair Coloring  Copperas Cove, Kempner Tx

Double - Process Hair Color   Hair Is  lightened  4-6 Levels using   Lightening agent also known a a pre lightener know as a bleach out  .  A Toner  Of color of your  Choice is then  applied  and deposited  into the center of  cortex of your hair   threw the  cuticle  layer of  the hair  to achieve a brighter ,light hair base color, Bold Or natural  hair color of your  Choice...  Read More 

hair coloring  for men

We offer  Our Hair Coloring Prices  By Length Of  Hair   Short / Medium/ Long /Extra Long Full Color Application $150+

Partial Highlights                          $150+

 full Highlights /Regrowth  touch up                           $189+ Color  

Full Highlights/baby-lights              $210+

Ombre /Sombre/Balayage          $180+ Corrective Color                           $180+ Foilyage/ Teasylight                      $232+

+Extra Colors add- ins each        $20+

 Color toner/ Glaze  addtional                   charge          per color               $20.00+

Color Sealer  add on charges     $20.00+

  Prices include Designer Haircuts & Styling & Moisture Repair Treatment

edgy  short Haircut   Copperas Cove, Kempner Tx

Galaxy or fashion Hair Color is Double - Process Hair Color  .the  Hair Is lightened  Levels  10 -12  using a Lightening agent also known as a pre-lightener known as a bleach out    Removal of color in your hair.  The pigment is applied  to the  hair  in the Balayage technique  or

 Platinum, Silver < grey, Blue  Grey, or Violet Gray full hair  Color to achieve your desired look.

 Bleach  out                                   $236+

  Extra Colors add-ins each         $20+      

Blonde hair color Makeover.jpg

We offer  a free Color Consultation One Step  Full  all over Hair Color Dimensional/ split   Hair Color  Partial high& Low lights  Added   to hair  top and sides /The split  Color  a darker  or other  shade  of color  applied  to from the crow of  the head  to ends  Read More

  We will have to do a bleach out to achieve Platinum, Silver < grey, Blue  Grey or Violet Gray, white full hair  Color to achieve your desired look.

 Bleach  out                  $236+

Hair Coloring  Copperas Cove, Kempner Tx

Twilight's  Partial  Subtle  Highlight Or Low-lights ,hair glazing color    which is a shade above or below your  Your Natural  Shade Of Hair adds dimension to the sides  and the top your  hair  foils used   in combined  Balayage  techniques . Read More

  Hair  Salon near me for Color services in copperas Cove TX

Hair Coloring  Copperas Cove, Kempner Tx

Fabulous full  Highlight Or Low-lights,   which is several shades above or below your Natural or a total   change in your  hair color,  adds light, and dimension to All Of your Hair,    foils are used   in combined  Balayage  technique to achieve a desired look your wanting

Balayage, Sombre, Ombre​ Hair Color( Hand Art   Service ) known as, Is a Free form   Painting  Hair Color   Great For all, Curly or wavy hair to add  A twinkle of  Hair  Colors  Or  A bold  Blending of multi-dimensional   Colors. Darker colors at the root to lighter hair colors at the ends multi-color services average 5  hair colors  added to your Hair.

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