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 Get our Lash Extension  service  in Copperas Cove  Tx  by  Experienced  Eye Lash Stylist 

   we use the highest quality materials low fumed glue or no fume for sensitive clients

so you can have a pleasant relaxing time with our  Lash enhancement services.

 We can create longer thicker looking eyelashes,

 If you have smaller eye size we can achieve a wider eye illusion with this Brite Eye service.

   we can help you have thicker fuller Lashes

  Are your eyebrow sparse or not up to par for the look your wanting? book An Appointment for beautiful brows consultation, with Brow Extensions or Our Brow Lamination specialists in this field.

Eyelash extensions are enhancing the length and thickness of eyelashes.   Lash   Extensions add a  twinkle of Sexy to the “ Soul of Eye. tweak  & Twinkle your  Eye's or Browse today and can last you up to 4-6 weeks and require infills every 1 -4 weeks.

Includes a

Free  Consultation. Patch test

We offer  the  Following  Services  Eyelash  Extensions,Hair  Extensions  Brow  trims,  defining/perfecting the shape as well as a Coloring To keep Brows and Lashes maintained and neatly shaped, a follow up appointment is required usually every 1-4 weeks.

  Get Cozi Lash Extensions near me 

Permanent Eyelash Makeup

Get Cozi Eye Lash Extensions

    Here Are Our  Lash packages

Cost for eyeLash Extensions  Lets Us Enhancing  Your  Beautiful  Eye Lashes 

Eyelash Extensions  Choose Your Package

     PK1 Cozi Accent  Lashes 1045  

custom colors 

Lashes  $45


  PK2 Flirty Lashes 2085 

Lashes    $85


PK3 Party Set 35105 

1.5 hrs

  • Peaks & Corners  including                                       $105

PK4  Eyelash Extensions Natural Lashes 50145  

     full Set Eyelash

   1.5     hr                          $145

  • For You  whom like subtle length & volume

  • Non Noticeable  Lash Extensions

PK5 Bigger & Brite Lashes 65165  

 set)  1.5 hr                                        $165

    You want  longer Lashes At Center of Eye

 Makes Eye"s Bigger & Brite, Round & Open


   PK6 Sexy Lashes 75185   Full Set Eyelash set)   2.5hrs                                $185

    You want longer lashes outer Corners of Eye

   to enhance emphasis the soul of eye's 

     beautiful More Exotic & Sultry   Look


PK7 Glamorous Lashes 100225 

Full Set Eyelash

      2.5 hr                                     $225


  You want full high volume  Length & Bold  Curls

     beautiful More Glamorous  Look

PK8 Minky Lashes125325 

Full Set Eyelash

       3 hrs   $ 325

    You want high volume  Length & Curls

   beautiful More Dark Eyes Glamorous  Look


 PK9 flutter lashes 4D'S+Layered 235375

Eyelash Extensions 

Full Set of  Layered Lashes 3.5hrs


Eyelash Extensions 

 Cozi Cottage requires  A glue patch test  48-72 hrs before any eyelash or Eyebrow Extensions can be applied. 


 Eyelash Extension Removal  Service  Near me      ERS3645   


  Lash Removal service  cost

                                                     $25 -$45

Eyelash Extensions   check our price list 

Eye Brow Extensions Price   $69+

full  Brow Extension   Price  upon Consultation

Maintenance Lash Fills 

20 % or More Lashes Remains per  visit or new set Applied

Discounts  Yearly Rates Given at Consultation 

infills By weekly                                  $75

infills  3 Weeks                                  $ 95

infills 4 week  full lash set  120

keratin Lash Lift                                 $150

 Eyelash Curl service                          $82 

 Eyelash Lift  Service                          $80+

Semi Permanent Mascara     $75

Eyelash Repair Treatment   $25

Lash Color                      $30

Brow Color                         $30

Henna Color                   $79    Baby Brow Wax            $ 7

Full  Brow  wax  Design     $ 12

 Partial Lash Removal    $35


A Cozi Thank YOU! Message sent.

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