Get Cozi Pedicures

 Get Cozi  Pedicures  

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  Here A t Cozi cottage salon and spa  we offer  Best Quality   Spa Pedicure Services in Copperas Cove Tx

 Enjoy a  Spa  Therapy Mi~so~Me  Pedicure  experience:the safest,  pleasant, Relaxing  Pedicures  and longer results. Say goodbye to ancient pedicures practices with dangers of contamination's and  a tub full of  infections,  Embrace what many guests appreciate already – the smarter choice of a more pampering, moisturizing and comfortable treatment: the water-less pedicure!  We Have Created.

  The Best  foot Massage  and  foot Care  with the ultimate Pedicures &  Manicures wraps  Ever !

 Benefits:  your  very own package of  manicuring  supplies 

 we do not reused  

FOR YOUR PROTECTION to keep you  Happy 

 And  A guarantee from  any  worry about any infections or fungus

 you  Can have wonder new  feet or legs feel great  get a foot wrap today!

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 A Cozi Rule  of Looking  Good 

      Be Good To Your  Feet

 Our Pampering TLC  hands and  feet  Spa therapies  Will Provide You  With  

Healthy  Body  Treatments   with the  use  of  Best quality Body Care  Products .

Our  Cozi treatments  will leave you   feeling  Relaxed, Free of Stress ! 

Are you  looking  for a  foot  Massage  or  a chocolate  Pedicure 

we have   just the   Pedicure  you  Need .

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You will receive a Cozi warm welcome excellent service in a relaxed and friendly Cottage atmosphere during your appointment at Cozi Cottage Salon and Spa  

  Life is Busy  !   Cant Make it during  the week ? ?  Get A Pedicure  on  a Saturday  we  Are Open 10 am to 5:pm   or  Sunday 1:Pm - 6:pm 

what   Pedicure Service do you want ?

 Spa pedicures near me

   Mi-So-Me Peppermint Energizing  Pedicure 
Relax and Enjoy your self sipping Hot Tea Or Coffee &  In A moisture Wrap   this  total bliss melt  of essentials  lemon,  peppermint berry & , dried berries ,& will exfoliate dry skin. re-hydrated foot  wrap Coconut oil  to add moisture  and the finish with polish or buffed  to  shine .

  $36.00  60 mins


 Chestnut Spice   Pedicure 

Relax and enjoy &  In A Moisture  foot Wrap and sipping Hot Tea Or Coffee aroma-therapy journey includes Relaxing  Legs & feet totally melt  into Dried  Chamomile,Orange Peel ,  Lemongrass , mineral salt bits  will gently exfoliate dry skin, ginger  Seaweed lotion Mask is massaged using a hydrating leg wrap therapy includes essential oils, Aloe, Shea Butter, Grape &Oil, Avocado & vitamins A & E then  to relax and moisturize. Nail Prep And Polish $46 mins


   Silk  Blossom 

  Indulgence In a luxurious hydra silk  Pedicure Wrap treatment with a luscious shell & Rose Petals  scrub,  Petals  ,Bath Melt  ,Sea Salts to soften calluses and remove cuticles and dead skin, followed by a luxurious warmed Body butter mask and a warm booty treatment. pampering foot massage.Nail Prep and Polish or buffed to shine 70 mins $55

Pedicures and manicures in Copperas Cove Tx ,kempner Tx

Cozi  Hot  Steamed  Pedicure 

aroma-therapy journey includes Relaxing , Steamed feet. Uplifting, Make Your Arms And Legs & feet totally melt .  Graded Ginger  & Salts will gently exfoliate dry skin,   is used with this pampering  calf & Foot massage ,a  hydrating therapy essential oils, Aloe, Shea Butter,  & grape seed Oil, Avocado & vitamins A & E then wrapped Into sleave  to relax and moisturize.  prep nails  polish or buffed to shine minutes $65

Ultimate Pedicure 

enjoy  this retreat and Relax  and sipping Hot Tea Or Coffee .

This hydra foot wrap treatment begins with steamed feet follow by  Coffee  Chocolate  exfoliation.

 hydrating  bath  truffle with Shea butter & Grape Seed Oil, Vitamins A, C, D and E for softer silky smoother skin,  wonderful foot & Leg massage  softer silky, smoother skin. a hot mask, nail Prep and the choice of polish or buffed to shine $75.00

70 minutes



Ultimate   Pedicure Silk  Leg & Arm wrap  

  Enjoy   a cup of  Hot Tea Or Coffee .

This retreat is  Relaxing This hydra foot wrap treatment begins with steamed feet follow by  exfoliation. hydrating massage  e with Shea butter & Grape Seed Oil, Vitamins A, C, D and E for softer silky smoother skin,  wonderful foot & Leg massage followed by  the  Same treatment  on the Arms to tip of the fingers   true bliss .your results  softer silky, smoother skin . finishing  nail Prep and the choice of polish or buffed to shine $100.00

90 minutes



  Al A Cart :

            Includes buff and fie

French (additional) $10

Cozi Kids Pedicure (3-11)$15

Manicure or  Pedicure age 12+ $18+

Get Cozi Kids Manicure(3-11 )$12

Perfect hands manicure massage $38

Deluxe manicure (incl Paraffin Mask) $45

Nourishing paraffin hand treatment $20     

File, shape and polish   >>>>>>>>>>>$18               sculpts Removal     >>>>>>>>>>>$25            

 Removal Gel polish   >>>>>>>>>>>$15                

   Hot Stone                                    $10

 Add Paraffin  Dip                           $10

Detox clay                                      $10 

Reflexology,                                    $10 

Massage                                        $10+

Hydra Leg Wrap                              $10

  Callus  Removal wrap                    $ 25+



     Cozi Cottage Salon And  Spa

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we are 1 mile passed Kempner TX  city limit

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