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 Get Cozi  Couples  Spa  Packages near you  

A Cozi Rule  of Looking  Good 

      Be Good To Your  Body Get  pampered 

 Treat Yourself To The Best Quality   Couple's Spa  Service 

 We  Invite  you to come in  and  you  always  receive a Cozi warm welcome excellent service in a Quiet relaxed and friendly Cottage atmosphere during your appointment at Cozi Cottage Salon and Spa   

 Our Pampering   Couples  Spa therapies  Will Provide You  With  Healthy  Body  Treatments   with the  use  of  Best quality  Body Care  Products .

Our  Cozi Couples treatments  will leave you and  Spouse and  your body   feeling  Relaxed, Stress  Free ! 

Are you  looking  for   Spa  Day  to  Enjoy  your time  together  getting pampered ? We have some great  Spa Packages  just for you  and the person you want to share  it with  .

Get Cozi Together  Spa  Packages  for Couples 

 We Guarantee after  your   Cozi  Spa  Day  you will  be feeling , Gorgeous,

Refreshed, Relaxed, Rejoyced

Pampered and  Loved  or  let's face it  better ..Promise !  We love to pamper you!

 ,Back Facials Copperas Cove, Kempner Tx

 Cozi Couples Massage

Full body massage using light to medium pressure producing relaxation and a sense of well-being

30   minutes                                  $75

60   minutes                                  $130

90   minutes                                  $170



    Cozi Couples Back facial 

 Lets  start  with  an   exfoliation ... remove any dryness , dead skin  add  an massage producing  a wonderful  relaxation and  finish off with an  mask    and  a Steam   sense of well-being

30   minutes                      $75 

60  minutes                      $130

 90  minutes                    $170             PK#CCBF75130170                   

   Be  Cozi Together

    King Or Queen

For a Day 

  Enjoy  A Wonderful 

Relaxing Day At the Spa

with  an  Massage , Spa deluxe  Facial ,

  Silk Hand indulgence &  Heavenly Spa Foot  Wrap , Lunch And  A Gift  

$4.5 hrs couples $510


Spa Products

  Couples Spa  Packages 

  Get Cozi  Couples  Spa packages  

Cozi Couples Foot  Massage

our foot  massage  includes steamed feet to relax  , warmed Oils applied with  light to medium pressure   relaxation moisture wrap to soften tired feet.

​30   minutes                             $36 Each

60   minutes                             $65 Each

90   minutes                             $85 Each ​

 Couples Pk


Cozi Couples  Facials Massage

our Facials  massage includes   using light to medium pressure producing relaxation steam  and a mask relax today

30   minutes                                 $36 each

60   mintues                                 $65 Each

90   minutes                                 $85 Each

Couples Pk


Couples Massage & Facials spa Package

Cozy  Couples package is  divine.  Enjoy Swedish massage using light to medium pressure producing relaxation  finish off this service with a steam and mask. Turn over  and you  rejoice in a  wonderful relaxing  facial   you get the best of both pampering services. 2.5 hrs $250

Couples Pk


Get Cozi together   Deluxe  pedi-wrap

our  pedi-wrap includes  steam. massage  ,exfoliation of dry callus  skin .Hydration mask  treatment , nail filing,   nail polish  or buff n shine . Snack plate  Relax Enjoy  Yourself today ​.

80   minutes      per couple         $150

Couples Pk


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