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 Microdermabrasion ,Alpha Hydroxy acid / Glycolic  acid Peels  ,Extraction  Facials near you

 Here at  Cozi Cottage  We  Love  To Pamper you

and  help you Relax, Rejoice, Refresh ,and take care of    Skin care  Needs......

Our  Cozi SkinCare Therapist will recommend a specific formulation that will

give you the best results and address your particular skin concerns.

We offer a range  Peels of high strengths and lower  formulations to suit your preferences

including sensitive, mature, youthful, & acne/oily.Professional Peels are a fast, effective and non-invasive skin treatment, for immediate cell renewal and anti aging  benefits and refreshed complexion.

what  microdermabrasion facial service do you want ?

Get Cozi Microdermabrasion

 For Men & Woman

A fantastic skin re-surfacing treatment Microdermabrasion is a procedure that exfoliates and removes the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells. this treatment does buff and polish the skin using a stream of fine Dermanew crystals or a diamond tip. our systems have suction to vacuum loose skin cells from the face.. A widely accepted and recommended treatment by skin specialists. Smooths the skin, refines pores, helps to improve scarring and pigmentation helps remove acne  and scaring .  

Face -  Dermanew Treatment          $90 


Face, Neck, Decolletage  ....            $140


 Face    Diamond with vacuum        $150                             


 Face, Neck, Decolletage  ....             

 Diamond with vacuum                    $220

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Hydra-Microdermabrasion facial gently removes dead, dull skin cells from your skin surface while stimulating new cells deep within the dermal layer. This physical exfoliation is to reveal a beautiful new you.


Improved skin tone, texture Faster skin cell renewal this results of stimulated circulation of blood flow

Reduced visible skin imperfections

Increased efficacy of your skincare products

Cleared congestion, blackheads and diminished pores .Smooth and even skin tone

Improved lymphatic drainage

Diminished fine lines and wrinkles your treatment, your skin may be tight feeling, some redness or a little flaking.  All signs the treatment has been effective. $95




   blossom Facial

This  Facial Begins with  relaxing Massage to increase circulation  blood flow  to  Repair  Damages  skin .   mircrodermabrasion  treatment helps  in removal of

old cells and dead skin. 

calming mask  increases absorption of  the 

 Rejuvenate serum improves your skin’s moisture levels  calming mask contains Vitamins and

 antioxidants protect and defend.

 A combination of Vitamins A, C, E 

 Green Tea

a result in instantly in, smoother looking skin

 with reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, 

increased firmness.Your skin  will be refreshed  deeply hydrated, balanced and glowing with vitality and youthful appearances $85   

  Get the Benefits of  Alpha Hydroxy  Fruit  Acid Peel  facial 

Skin Rejuvenation Glycolic  peel  

A fantastic skin re-surfacing treatment Skin rejuvenation using  Glycolic or  Salicylic Acid is the process helping to reverse the effects of age and sun damage, revealing younger, healthier looking skin. Great for hyper pigmentation, acne, fine lines, reddened skin and broken capillaries




 Choose your  Treatment

  Package  you like     

 1 treatment$ $90

4 treatment $300
5 treatments  $400 

for best Results.

8 Treatments $600


PUMPKIN PEEL: this peel is  for those concerned with dull looking skin, sun damage, aging, congestion, sensitive/allergic skin. The enzymes will gently exfoliate the dead, redundant cells trapped on the  skin and it will leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. $90

Get fruity PEEL:  natural fruit acids, papaya, pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes and infused oxygen\moisturizing peptides! for  instant renewal smoothing tired skins. this treatment increases natural exfoliation process removal  of sun damage and rehydration of the skin. this Peel will hydrate, plump and renew the skin in just one application! $90

Let glow  Resurfacing peel, This  treatment rejuvenates the skin, reduces fine lines and uneven pigmentation, improves skin smoothness, clarity and radiance and activate cellular regeneration for a brighter, smoother and more even toned skin complexion! Perfect for oily, problematic skin that is in need of deep exfoliation. $99

Cozi Cottage Skincare Copperas Cove tx

RADIANCE  RETINAL PEEL: anti-aging Vitamin A peel,used on all looking for skin health, repair and correction. Concentrated levels of pure retinal , niacin amide and natural fruit acids work to counteract skin aging, improve appearance damage skin,resurface even out skin tone and provide potent anti-inflammatory activity in even the most weakened skins. $99

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