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     Men's Grooming And Ladies  waxing salon

Full Body Waxing in Copperas Cove TX Get Cozi Get Waxed!

Dare to be bare  full body waxing

 Best   waxing   near me  and hair  Removal Treatments Near me

Eyebrow Wax

 Full Body Waxing  Salon 

Best   waxing   near me  and hair  Removal Treatments Near me

Dare to Be Bare  Get Cozi Waxing!
We Can wax you from head to toe"    
 Best Hair Removal for Men and Woman  Waxing salon near me

 Cozi Cottage waxing   Salon near me   In Copperas Cove Tx 

Our professionally trained therapist's here At Cozi Cottage beauty salon in Copperas Cove TX. Will remove unwanted hair using wax.  from your Full Body.


what  Is  Waxing?

 It is a  temporary hair removal treatment that uses hot wax, stripped wax, Hard wax beans melted, Soft Wax and  Sugar wax to remove unwanted hair. 

Stripped Wax adheres to the hair creates a bond to hold, waxing therapist removes sections of hair directly from the root which in return 

Guarantees a Silky, smooth and clean finish And  Hair  Free finish. 


With the used chamomile, Aloe Vera & Lavender to soothe and calm your skin after your waxing service.

 Hard Waxing is one of the waxes used to quick and easy hair removal long-lasting results

 The best part of being waxed. No More shaving or razor bumps. waxing will give you a clean and smooth finish.

Over time you will see that the hair that has been waxed away grows back much softer and finer and eventually will not grow back at All.


How often should I get waxed?

Hair regrowth depends on the individual. In most cases, you will see a minimal regrowth in three weeks. Cozi Cottage waxing salon in Copperas cove Tx We advise you to come back to see us every four to five weeks for beautiful, smooth, hair-free skin.

Does waxing hair removal hurt? well yes, (By  thinking  of  the waxing Monster you have in your head .lol)

Our Cozi wax therapists are trained and will keep discomfort to a minimum. Do not worry – you will be surprised most of your worries are the thoughts in your head, We Promise you are in Cozi pampering hands.

Brazilian or Manzilian or  Bikini waxing near me

So this is Your first-time to be waxed, we suggest you take two Advil about 1 hr before you come in for your waxing appointment. This will take the edge off. You are in the best hands for this service, Our Waxing salon is quick, precise, relaxing, and will leave you with a hairless smooth finish.

Your Cozi after Waxing care

Cozi Notes: Absolutely No to the sun, pools, deodorant, hot baths/showers, spas, and saunas immediately after your waxing as your skin will be a little sensitive. Keep Your waxed area Cleaned, moisturized and hydrated. ( unscented moisturizer or oil works best, perfumed products may cause more irritation. best to be safe for 24 hrs after your waxing appointment.


Book your hair removal full body waxing appointment at Cozi Cottage beauty salon in Copperas Cove TX 254-245-5800

 Cozi  Cottage  full  body waxing   services 

  • Eyebrows 

  • full Face         

  • Lip

  • Chin

  •  Neck 

  • nape

  • Half leg 

  • full legs,

  • Brazilian

  • Bikini

  • Vegas Strip

 Cozi  Cottage  full  body waxing   services

  • Ears

  • Nose 

  • Neck Line 

  • under arms 

  • elbows             

  • full arm

  • shoulders

  • back  

  • upper back 

  • chest

  • stomach

  • European Waxing

 We  Use  following Waxes: 

  • Hard wax,

  • Sugar wax

  • Soft wax

  • Stripped  wax

  •  we guarantee a silky smooth finish

  • Brazilian waxing near me

  •  Manzilian waxing near me

  •   Bikini waxing near me

  Are you Need of wax? waxing Salon  near me 

  Are you new to waxing  ? waxing near Me  Copperas Cove Tx

We also offer a range of beautifying facials, luxury body treatments to relax and rejuvenate even

the most tired and achy bodies.

Professional waxing for Woman /Men

 Eyebrow wax and shape & Trim 

 Lip wax 12

 chin wax $12

 Full face wax 39 +

 • Neck wax $12+

Sides of face $15+

EyeBrows Lip & Chin $30+

Eyebrow and lip wax $20+

Eyebrow and chin wax $20+

Eyebrow and sides of face $25+

Toes $5+ Nostrils $5 + Ears $5+


Half leg $50+

Full leg $85+

Bikini $36+

G string $45+

1st Appointment Brazilian $85+

Brazilian maintenance (conditions apply) $65+

elbow to hand $36+

shoulder to hand Arms (full) $50+

Underarm $36+

Chest $36+

1/2 Back& Shoulders $36+

full back  $55+



 Enjoy  all Your  hair Gone  for a few weeks of smooth skin  with our   wonderful Men and Ladies  Waxing  salon near me 

Half arms    Top arm or bottom arm           $36+
Full arms     Shoulder to wrist                      $45+
Half legs    Hip to knee or Knee to ankle    $50+
Full legs    Both legs from hip to ankle       $85+
 Nostril,  Ears  $20+
Toes & Feet All Toes and Upper Foot as Needed  $20+
Chest and Shoulders    $36.+

Sides of chest & stomach  $25+
Stomach     Just the Stomach    $25+
Stomach Strip  belly button to waistline “happy trail”)$12.00+
Half leg $50

Bikini $36 +

G string $45+

1st Appointment Brazilian $85+

Brazilian maintenance (conditions apply) $75+

elbow to hand $36+

shoulder to hand Arms (full) $50+

Underarm $36+

Chest $36+

1/2 Back& Shoulders $36 +

Half Back   lower back  $36+

Full Back    Entire Back    $55+

Buttock   Full wax of both cheeks  $50+   

 Buttock Strip    Inner Buttocks    $30+

Full Buttocks   Both cheeks & buttocks strip  $75+

 Add A Calming Mask  & Steam After Back Wax

$10   /30 minutes


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